#96 Kevin

27-year-old Kevin, now better known as #96, came out at 11 PM to meet with a young boy that he believed to be 14. Kevin is an active member of our military serving in our Army National Guard. Very quickly in the conversation with our decoy, Kevin expressed interest in meeting and said very explicit and sexual things.

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    1. Im going to as well. CID is notorious for not taking individual complaints seriously, so im gonna share the video with my buddies in my unit. If I bring it up to them, they’ll definitely report it. We don’t take to kindly to fuckin chomos and (though he’s Guard) Ill be damned if we have one of those pieces of shit within our ranks.

  1. 00:10:20’ish no, you do know what was going thru your head/mind.. even psychotics know. you may not have consciousness of WHY but you know what (basically the same as all: wanted to have full physical control to have your own perverted way with a child, at minimum)

  2. Man, he just looked happy that his new shirt from hot topic got some camera time,I bet it was like the 4th day in a row he wore that thing. And what are his military buddies say?… smh