#99 Ben

25-year-old Ben, better known as #99, wins the award of the most arrogant, smug predator we’ve caught to date. Ben came out at 12:30 AM from Massachusetts to “hang out” with a 14-year-old boy and smoke weed. Ben uses about every tactic to attempt to justify actions and downplay the situation.

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  1. Can’t believe he actually thinks its normal and ok that a grown man can hang out with a minor plus do drugs as well LOL what an idiot. His shirt and his expression when lights flicked on fit him perfect.

    1. He doesn’t think that. He’s in total defensive mode and desperate to try to convince his accusers that he’s a good person with “no nefarious purposes.” He knows he did wrong.

  2. Thank you for continued awareness! I watch all your videos the day they come out. I’m a therapist and what’s sad and aweful is that as “smug” as he is, he was probably the most truthful thus far as his feelings match his words and attitude. I think it’s possible that most others get caught in the moment and start talking about what you want to hear, or are embarrassed, or are scared you will report etc. and then they start to talk about how they “fucked up” but believe none of it once they leave…either way, thank you for keeping us safer!

  3. This guy tought it was alright too come out and hang out and get high with a 14teen year old with his parents there?? A 25 year old?? Is this
    guy stupid or crazy or both??

  4. I could never do what you do Nito, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself. This guy would have been leaving in an ambulance.

  5. SMH…this dude looks like Jerald’s mixed cousin on the cartoon “Hey Arnold”…just because you never got a reply message back on ya POF profile from the dozens of chicks you probably messaged,is NOT and excuse to be…a Pervert!

  6. Email sent to the owners of the company he works for , video included. He’s probably done at his job!! Sending to Agawam Police as an official complaint. He will get caught!!