(This applies to CT residents , i’m planning on building in other states as well but right now im only going to consider people that are CT residents & I can meet in person before making a final decision)

Over the last year I have been asked by literally thousands of people to teach them and/or can they join POPsquad. I am going to slowly start building to the next level. POPsquad will develop into a corporation /agency so to speak. I’m ironing out the exact “title” but thats not important. Whats important is finding the correct people & training them correctly. If this is something you are interested in possibly becoming part of POPsquad fill out the below. I am looking for female & male decoys (must be 18+) and I’m also looking to train for chat logs. Joining will require you to sign a non-disclosure contract (meaning popsquad techniques etc…). A background check will be performed, so please fill out all fields. We will not share or sell this information but only use it to verify your identity and contact you.